How to Get On The First Page of Google, Yahoo

Client’s hire us to create a stand-out website and because they want to be found on the first page of Google and Yahoo. One of the first questions out of my prospect client’s mouths are “How to get on the first page of Google and Yahoo?”

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Why Popularity in the Search Engines Matter
by Deeba S. Hargis July 2010, San Diego and Carlsbad, California-based Website Design Company, EXCEL-WEST

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The brick-and-mortar organizations of yore (alright, they still exist, don’t they?) used very creative techniques to catch the attention of the public in general, and their prospective customer / client base in particular. I still remember the colorfully-dressed stilt walkers, with huge placards hung in their neck in the front and at the back, displaying some or the other product. They immediately caught our attention. Sometimes they would offer chocolates and candies to us children; especially what was being promoted was some children’s store. And then we would stomp our feet and be asked to be taken to the store.

I remembered the stilt walker when I first set up my own advertisement agency long ago. Marketing had begun to become even more sophisticated and suave, and a lot of our time was spent in thinking up new and newer techniques for our client’s name to be the top in customer’s recall. The concept of Yellow Pages had begun picking up momentum then, because companies such as us would give the bulky directories to consumers for free (and charge advertisers for their entries in the directories). Consumers would then thumb through the directories to locate whatever product and service they wanted. Quite naturally, advertisers were willing to pay for a premium for their entries to be bolder or in a color different from the rest of the crowd, in order to catch the eyeballs of the reader first.

Cut to the World Wide Web and to the world of business on the Internet. The terra firma that, as a business, you have to grapple with is the monitor screen that your prospective customer is watching. Obviously, you are not the only business running a website out there; in fact, if there is one place in this world where social equitability is firmly entrenched, thank you, it is the cyber world. So whether you are a Microsoft or the next-door mom-and-pop store doesn’t matter. You both have your own websites, with lots of good pages that talk about the products and services you have to sell, and customers who want to do business with you beat the way to your homepage and hit on the “BUY”. Plus, you are not restricted to customers residing in your locality alone. The entire world is now your marketplace, and customers from farthest corners of this globe, from locations you may not even have heard about, can come calling.

If only things were so straightforward! Sigh.

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